Gordon Attridge
(Annapolis Valley, NS)
Mr and Mrs Hahn (Tri-Mach Group Inc)
(Heidelberg ON)
Patrick Merjo
(Brampton ON)

$1-$99 Members:

$100-$249 Members:

$250 + Members: Patrick Merjo, Mr and Mrs. Hahn (Tri-Mach Group Inc.)

ADDITIONAL SUPPORTERS: Nana and Papa Armstrong, Gordon Attridge       


Dear Members of The Board,

Thank You!  It’s because of you that I’m establishing this “backer map” (aka Members Of The Board), established in May of 2018.

As you might imagine, starting up a business (especially at age 13) is incredibly expensive.  There were lots of costs associated with tools (especially pyrography instruments) and shop supplies.  However, the investment is worth it because now I have a great business that will carry me through the rest of my schooling and beyond.  Moving forward I’ll even be able to employ other people and continue to support various charities and fundraisers.  Specifically, some day I will fund other young entrepreneurs because I know that unless you are 18 yrs old, there is nothing we can even apply for to help.

I’ve created this little page on my website to recognize the people that have contributed to the rapid growth of my business moving forward.  Obviously, it goes without saying that I’ve VERY thankful to my family and close friends!  And moving forward, I want to recognize others who are helping Caelyn’s Creations.

Additional Things I “WOOD” like you to know about why you should support my business:

  • ​I help my community environmentally:  for the most part, I get my wood from fallen trees or from the local strawberry box making industry.  If I didn’t use the “waste” from the strawberry box making, that wood goes into a big burn pile or are buried.  My tealight holders are especially helpful with this.  I also recycle things like rope and hockey skate laces that I use for smokehead handles.
  • socially, my smokeheads bring friends & family together.  They are great for ANY occasion such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations, holidays, and for that person you want to give a gift to that has EVERYTHING and doesn’t want any more stuff.
  • My creations keep history alive.  I burn different images such as The Halifax Explosion and Canada 150 into my artwork.
  • I provide business opportunities by creating jobs for other people.  I am very proud to employ people with exceptionalities too.  My goal is to one day create a Caelyn’s Creations Youth Entrepreneur Fund.  Young people who have great businesses will be able to apply to me for funding.
  • Give a Hand Up: I am constantly giving back to my community.  I make donations to causes and also make creations that people auction off to raise money for their causes.  In the few short months I’ve been in business, I’ve supported over 12 initiatives.

If you would like to become a Member of the Board, please message or swing by my shop.

Thanks in Advance!!

Love K