Background Information Regarding This Project:

In late 2017, I was gifted wood that was left-over from the restoration of the Bluenose II.  Built in 1921, The Bluenose is the most famous ship in Canadian history.  It was both a fishing and racing schooner.  There have been several rebuilds/restorations over the years and now Bluenose II is operated by the Lunenburg Marine Museum Society on behalf of the Province of Nova Scotia.

I am now using this gifted wood from the reconstruction of Bluenose II as part of my pyrography creations.  Each creation in my nautical series will have a piece of Bluenose II wood inlaid somewhere in the design.

SILHOUETTE PROJECT for the Town of Mahone Bay

The Silhouette Project has erected 2 foot square, black metal ship silhouettes that display 16 different types of ship. All these styles of ships have been built in Mahone Bay and this signage project is intended to celebrate this.

There are two of each style of ship silhouette creating 32 signs in total. The signs are placed along Main Street on utility poles.

In 2018, I was granted permission to use these original ship silhouettes, as created by Canadian artist Graham McBride.  Thanks to Mr. McBride for this most generous gift, as well as to Mahone Bay’s Heritage Boat Yard Co-op.

Each creation in my nautical series will include the follow:

1. A handcrafted wood-burned image of The Bluenose II or a ship from the Silhouette Project
2. A small piece of inlaid wood from the reconstruction of Bluenose II
3. A serial number indicated on the bottom of your creation.  There will also be a write-up about the ship and my signature.

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Showing 1–16 of 19 results