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Tancook, – built 1868 – Length 171′ – Elkanah Zwicker Shipyard 

The Barque or Bark is usually a three masted vessel, the fore and main masts square rigged and the mizzen mast or after mast is rigged fore and aft. The four masted barque was a relatively common rig on the oceans, but only two were built in Canada. The John M. Blaikie was launched in 1885 at Great Village, and the Kings County was launched in 1890 at Kingsport.
The barque was a popular rig, and more of this type was built than all other square rigs combined. The big Maitland, Nova Scotia, barque Calburga was the last British North American square rigger of large tonnage to be on the Canadian registry; she was lost off the coast of Wales in November 1915.


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