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Leo, – built 1882, – lengtj 97’, – weight 165t, – at Titus Langille Shipyard Clyde, – built 1884, – length 110’, – weight 236t, – at Titus Langille Shipyard Mahone, – built 1884, – length 96’ weight 160t, – at John H Zwicker Shipyard Prussia, – built 1890, – length 128’, – weight 362t, – at Peter Langille Shipyard Maggie Belle, – built 1904, – length 101’ – weight 134t, – at John H Zwicker Shipyard

The Brigantine, a two masted vessel square rigged on the foremast, with fore-and-aft sails on the mainmast. The brigantine is shown with two staysails set between the masts. Used primarily for cargo and plying the eastern seaboard and northern Altantic Ocean, these vessels hauled wood, coal, fish and local products south returning to our shores with sugar, rum, molasses and other southern manufactured goods.
The silhouette shows a typical vessel built in Mahone Bay three being the Leo, Maggie Belle and Argo at 99, 120 and 154 tons. Most notably is the brigantine Amazon built at Spencers Island which later became the famous mystery ship Mary Celeste.


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