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Edward – built in 1775, – at Ephraim Cook Shipyard

A Snow or Snaw is a type of brig often referred to as a snow-brig carrying square sails on both masts but had a small trysail mast, sometimes called a snow-mast, stepped immediately abaft the mainmast. This mast would carry a trysail (fore and aft, gaff-rigged sail with boom), a sail and its rigging resembling the mizzen of a ship. A variation had an iron rod called a horse on the aft side of the mainmast, with the luff of the trysail attached to it by rings.
During the first half of the eighteenth century a snow rig was typically a larger merchant vessel as well as a common form of sailing rig for small two-masted ships. One of the first large vessels built at the head of Mahone Bay’s harbour was the snow-rigged Edward, an obligation by Governor Lawrence of Ephraim Cook for the rights to develop a settlement at the Town’s present site.


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