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Square Top Schooner
Square Topsail Schooner a combination of fore and aft sails and small square sails. They were popular for coastal trading in the early 1800s and a number of topsail schooners were built and many were sold in Great Britain. A version with raked (angled) masts, called the Baltimore Clipper, was much favoured by privateers in the War of 1812. Most notable in our Mahone Bay area is the infamous ghost ship, the American privateer Young Teazer, seen as a fiery apparition on foggy summer nights.
The Avon Spirit built in 1997 at Newport Landing, Nova Scotia, a scaled-down replica of the vessel FBG, the last cargo schooner built in Nova Scotia and the last vessel registered in the old Windsor Registry of Shipping. She sailed out of Mahone Bay in 1999 chartered for harbour and island tours in the summer tourist season.


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