What is a Smokehead?

A Smokehead is a bonfire accessory. It is a log the sits almost 2’ high and there is a design on the front with holes drilled into a hallowed out center core. The log is designed to burn from the inside out and offers 2-4 hours of entertainment watching the face or picture change as it burns. Perfect for almost any occasion (weddings, graduations, birthdays, anniversaries, or simply celebrating great times with friends) and they make a great gift for that person in your life that has “everything” and does not want anymore “stuff”!  But you’d better buy two because you will want to enjoy another one with friends and family soon!


  1. REGULATIONS-Before use, check your local burning regulations.


  1. PREPARE LOG-Place the log on a level (non-combustible surface). Preferably in a fire pit.  Don’t use on decks.  For outdoor use only.  Keep away from children, buildings, tents, pets, and vehicles. 


             After your log is positioned in its burning location, light one of the fire starters and drop it in the hole at the top of the log.  If it doesn’t drop all the way to the bottom right away that is okay.  As the log burns, the starter will eventually drop down.  (The other fire starter is just in case you have to relight it again).  NOTE: for smaller top holes, it may be necessary to cut the fire starters in half before lighting.

             Option:  after the Smoke Head has been burning for about 30 mins, you can add a little piece of dry kindling down the hole (caution—may be flames coming out the top).  Do not add too much kindling as it may smother the fire.

  1. Enjoy your Smoke Head? Tell your friends to contact me for their own!!

 Your Smoke Head will burn anywhere from 1-4 hours depending on conditions.  The face changes as your log burns.  Adding a coloured flame package will create more entertainment.